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Welcome to Gwynedd, the modern county, and once ancient realm

View accross the lakes and mountains of Snowdonia in Gwynedd

Imagine a very special land, a place of enchantment, an ancient kingdom. This land has majestic mountains and tranquil valleys, cascading rivers, magical forests and fairytale castles. Imagine too, that this fabled place has glorious sandy beaches, with safe bathing and quaint coastal resorts, and that it has a language, a culture and a heritage of its own, founded more than two millennia ago. Best of all, imagine that this land actually existed and was easily accessible. A land, a world apart, yet virtually on your doorstep!

Welcome to Gwynedd, the modern county, and once ancient realm.

Bordered by the Irish Sea, with its beautiful coastline and with the stunning Snowdonia National Park at its heartland, Gwynedd can truly claim to have some of the most amazing landscapes in the UK. Visitors return year after year, to escape from the hustle and bustle of modern life, to relax and enjoy the wonderful vistas around every corner.

Natural attractions await to be discovered and explored throughout the region, towering, craggy mountains, lakes, rivers and waterfalls, sleepy valleys, a wealth of forests and miles of golden sandy beaches.

Man-made attractions include the imposing castles, the famous railways and the industrial archaeology, the picturesque seaside towns with their attractive harbours, bobbing boats and maritime activities.

Most of all, experience the true Celtic hospitality of the people, immensely proud of their history, traditions and roots. Gwynedd and its people are considered by many to be the very essence of Wales, the epitome of everything that is Welsh.

Gwynedd has something for everyone, take time to visit, explore, discover and re-visit time and time again.

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